Every marketer has a demographic in mind when they create content for social media. But for your message to reach that demographic, you need to know where in the internet they are. If you are posting a message meant for baby boomers on Reddit, you’re not going to get a response (not a real one at least). Meanwhile, if you’re target audience is millennial men and you post on Pinterest, you may have missed your mark.

In Digimarcon’s State of Social infographic, they have outlined the dominant demographics of each social platform. However, you might not be using Reddit to market your property, so we’ll stick to the most useful social platforms for multifamily.


Who is here: Unsurprisingly, almost everyone with an IP address has a Facebook account. However, women have a slightly larger community than men. 83% of online women and 75% of online men are Facebook users. And while Digimarcon states that this site is the best place to reach Millennials and Gen X, there is a fairly even distribution of all online generations present on the platform.

What they do here: Facebook is a popular site to post about life events and share cute animal videos. It’s also a place where people can connect with one another. The plethora of features the site offers includes Events, Messenger, and now Facebook Day, which allows users to share moments from their day with other users. Pages and Groups are also popular because they create sub-audiences where discussions can be had more easily.

How to post: Create an open group or page for your community or your residents to talk to one another and with their property manager. This way, people can look into the (online) community at your property. It also helps foster a stronger IRL community among your residents.


Who is here: YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the internet with over 1 billion monthly users. While the gender demographics are fairly even, there are slightly more male users than female, though that could also depend on the content.

What they do here: There are several reasons users go to YouTube: tutorials, animal videos, original content from individual YouTubers, music videos, and more recently, the site has been used as a search engine. Because of the wide range of information people go to YouTube for, it’s the perfect place to upload an advertisement.

How to post: If you’re going for a page video rather than a paid advertisement (which would be suggested since approximately 90% of users skip pre-roll ads), it’s best to consider the audience you want to reach. Younger renters might be looking for an advertisement that highlights the neighborhood around the property while renters who are looking to settle in are going to want to see more about what the property offers them in terms of amenities and community.


Who is here: Instagram is one of the fastest growing social platforms. It is also one of the more youthful platforms with 90% of current users under the age of 35. Users range from friends, to social influencers and celebrities; meaning there is a lot of cross marketing on the platform.

What they do here: Everything here is visual. Meaning that the wording for stories and advertisements are either minimalist or spread across several posts. However, the most important part of the content here is the picture (or video). If users do not find them visually appealing or interesting, they will unfollow without a second thought.

How to post: Branding is the key to Instagram success—more so than on other social media accounts. On Instagram, the overall aesthetic is important. Finding a filter you enjoy using can help make your gallery have a more uniform look. For more advice on how to best curate your Instagram page, check out this article.


Who is here: By far, Twitter boasts the youngest group of users. Most Twitter users range from 18-29 years old. There are also more men among the 317 million monthly users. However, it is also one of the more disengaged online communities. More than half of users never post, and on average, users only spend 2.7 minutes a day on the app.

What they do here: Because most users do not post, they primarily use the app to follow people and brands. Twitter is also one of the best online sourced for breaking news according to the American Press Institute. Outside of keeping up with the news, Twitter users primarily use the platform to network.

How to post: The important thing to keep in mind when it comes to posting on Twitter is timing. Twitter users expect responses quickly and will feel unsatisfied with an interaction with a brand if response time is over 24 hours. Aside from creating and linking to content on your property’s website, you will also want to interact with your tenants and promote community events.


If you’d like more information on further platforms, check Digimarcon’s infographic that also delves into LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit.