Whether looking for the first time, moving across town to be closer to work or arriving in an entirely new city, most renters find themselves looking for a new apartment sooner or later. The search for a good home can be a difficult one, but there are resources and methods which can be helpful.

One obvious method is to talk to friends and family who live in the area, or even who used to, the New York City Affordable Housing Resource Center states. They may know where a good neighborhood or building is. Even better, they might know someone looking for a roommate, or planning to move out in the near future.

The center suggests students and employees may be able to take advantage of their school or employer's resources and local knowledge. Businesses with a housing office can simplify the search, particularly since they may be accustomed to helping individuals in a similar situation in the past.

Some find what they are looking for just by walking around, the center states. If someone needs to be close to a particular location or wants to live in a specific neighborhood, this approach may be particularly appropriate. The resources tapped and techniques employed should depend on what a given prospective tenant is searching for.