While most renters know they should read their lease carefully before signing, some do not do so. It may be a habit after years of renting or a belief that the legal language is incomprehensible. Others may read carefully at first, but later forget certain clauses.

One thing many renters wish to do in a new apartment is to personalize it by putting up family photos, posters or similar items. Unfortunately for some tenants, MSN Real Estate notes it is not uncommon for a lease to forbid them to add nail holes. If they do not read the lease, this can negatively affect the relationship between tenant and landlord and lead to additional costs to repair the holes later on.

Another common clause which is frequently forgotten is the guest policy. Landlords may require advanced notice if a visitor is going to sleep on the couch or be staying for more than a few days. This can mean greater wear and tear on a unit or cause legal issues in case of an emergency or eviction.

As a result, landlords are likely to want notification. If the guest is going to stay for a prolonged period, they may want to increase the rent for the unit to account for their concerns.