the bargain when it comes to providing necessary services to tenants.

Phoenix-based ABC15 Investigators said that it had gotten word from a viewer that one of the worst offenders is Timothy Wright and his firm Rentals Tempe. In an interview with the news channel, Arizona Tenants Union president Janet Luchhesi said that Wright and his company have long been targets of complaints regarding repairs, fraudulent damage claims and not returning deposits.

According to tenant John Salgado living in the conditions at one of Wright's units was less than ideal.

“There wasn’t any hot water in the kitchen and the refrigerator didn’t work," Salgado said in an interview with the source. "There was no heat in the winter time. It was really rough, we had no idea. It was fighting an uphill battle the whole way. Unfortunately, we didn’t do as much homework as we should have done."

While tenants can run into issues with the person they’re renting from, landlords must also be aware of their own issues with unreliable renters. Conducting resident screening is one of the best ways to see what type of person will be living somewhere.