Apartment and condominium community crime rates are on the rise, with many developments and residents experiencing on-property offenses.

Landlords, residents and rental property management firms are all affected by security issues, and may be able to collaborate to improve safety. One step that can be taken to improve safety is to ensure that there is a clear Guest Visitation Policy and residents are aware of it, Multi-Housing News notes. Community meetings that educate residents about safety can also help. In addition, ask tenants to report any suspicious activity. The better they know each other the more interlopers will stand out.

Property managers should be prepared to contact the police if necessary and should watch for inconsistencies in applications. They can also be on the lookout for last-minute applicants who want to move in right away. House rules governing the hours that laundry rooms, pools and other shared appliances or amenities can be used may help.

Running a criminal screening and credit report check for any applicant being considered can help to weed out undesirable tenants, but is not always enough. Asking for and following up on references, can help. Some individuals may rent by proxy to avoid being looked up in records, so be certain that the person moving in is the same one who applied and whose references were checked.