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Remove the roadblocks from the screening process with On-Site’s award winning Screening technology. By combining best in class data sources with easy to use technology, Screening helps you fill vacancies faster than ever before with qualified renters. And Screening is flexible too, allowing you to tailor the process to your unique business needs. You set the criteria, we recommend renters and you make an informed decision. Get a Demo

Step 1

Set your rental criteria using the customizable screening settings.

Step 2

Screen applicants using On-Site’s simple and intuitive interface.

Step 3

Review the rental report and make an informed decision to rent.

Step 4

Renter Relations works with your applicants to resolve potential issues.

Set your rental criteria.

Screening from On-Site includes customizable rental criteria so you can adjust the screening process to match your business needs. You decide which criteria are most important and rank them accordingly. From income to rent ratios to credit and rental history and criminal search parameters, Screening is designed to work for you.
  • Identity Verification instantly confirms applicant identities at the beginning of the application process.
  • Best in class combination of database, follow-me and manual record searches.
  • Total coverage. Instant search records reach over 94% of the populated U.S.
  • Set separate rental criteria for applicants and guarantors.

Customize rental criteria to match your business needs.

Review the rental report.

Rental reports include detailed credit, criminal and civil records, but there’s no raw data for your team to decipher. You get a simple thumbs up, thumbs down recommendation and rental score with scoring breakdown highlighting any areas where applicants may fall short.
  • Mitigate Fair Housing risk by automating the decision process.
  • Automate compliance with FCRA imposed reporting limitations.
  • Customizable rental criteria based on weighted risk.
  • Same day manual searches. Most are completed within six hours.

Simple thumbs up, thumbs down recommendation and score.

Renter Relations

Renter Relations works directly with your applicants to resolve credit, civil and criminal report misinformation online so your renters can get the housing they need today.
  • Available online 24/7
  • Free with On-Site’s Screening product
  • Disputes resolved within the same day

“On-Site’s screening platform has reduced the application process from days to hours and sometimes even minutes. Our associates love being able to provide quick screening results to their applicants.”

— Allied Director of Training, Susan Clausnitzer
260,000 risky applicants flagged in 2016
19% more applicants get approved using Renter Relations
365,000 applicants saved thanks to Renter Relations online portal
On-Site Realpage Resident Screening Checklist.

Resident Screening Checklist: 7 Best Practices to Minimize Risk

Property managers need to strike a balance between protecting themselves from FCRA violations, and the need to fill vacancies with qualified renters. Learn seven best practices to minimize your risk while closing leases. Get the Guide

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Leasing Suite’s online tools deliver everything you need to convert prospects into residents, from online applications to screening and e-sign ready digital documents with cloud-based file management. In fact, you might be left wondering how you ever managed without us.

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Resident Passport makes it quick and easy for your renters to renew a lease, pay rent and submit maintenance requests online. Being a renter has never been this good.

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Work smarter and bring greater efficiency to your technology stack with Property Productivity tools. With CloudFile and our full roster of official partner integrations, On-Site is the centerpiece for today's connected leasing office.

See how Screening can revolutionize the way you rent.

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