Campbell, Calif. – Today, apartment industry software provider officially released its new online leasing platform designed for student housing providers. The new leasing platform allows students to shop for an apartment, apply, qualify and e-sign their lease in one continuous, online checkout process, optimized to run on the smart phones and tablets favored by college-age millennial renters.

Christine Richards, EdR

Memphis based student housing provider EdR was the first company to adopt an early version of On-Site’s student housing solution back in May of 2013.

“EdR is putting a priority on leasing technology since we need to be able to interact with students in the same manner they are accustomed to in every other facet of their lives,” said EdR Senior VP and COO Christine Richards. “Students today register for classes online, buy their books online, and now they can lease online in an easy checkout process that puts an end to all the paper pushing.”

With EdR’s input, On-Site developed a new solution designed to handle the unique requirements posed by student housing. Students can apply to a floorplan as opposed to a unit, pick lease terms based on the start and end dates for the school semester or quarter, qualify separately from their guarantors, immediately execute the lease via electronic signature and then invite their guarantors to qualify and sign as well.

“On-Site’s solutions are designed with flexibility and modularity in mind so our software developers were able to quickly connect together several technologies to meet the needs of student housing providers,” said Scott Jones, On Site’s chief technology officer. “We began by customizing the way students choose their lease term and floorplan—it’s done quite differently in student housing. Students rent according to the school term, like fall semester or quarter and they apply to floorplans instead of units.”

To reduce application attrition, On-Site modified the online application to connect directly into the e-sign process. By doing so, students are able to sign the lease immediately once they meet the community’s rental criteria.

“Getting students to complete an online application and come back later to e-sign the lease can be a real challenge,” said Jones. “Instead of breaking the process up into two separate workflows, On-Site’s software lets students complete the application, qualify instantly and e-sign the lease in one uninterrupted process. Afterwards they can invite a guarantor to qualify separately according to a different set of rental criteria and complete the guarantor agreement.”

Scott Jones

Scott Jones, On-Site

In addition to the streamlined checkout process, On-Site built the student housing software using responsive design, as opposed to building separate websites or apps for desktops, mobile devices and tablets.

“Regardless of how students access the online application, responsive design ensures that students get a content-rich, personalized experience that reshapes itself to fit their device. That way students don’t get bogged down on a full website that takes too long to load on their phones or a mobile-specific website that doesn’t include the content they’re looking for,” said Jones.

College campuses have traditionally served as an incubator for new technologies and Jones feels On-Site’s new student housing software follows the same precedent of innovation.

“Today’s students are the renters of tomorrow,” said Jones. “After graduating, they will expect the kind of technological convenience they received as a student. So in that sense student housing providers are really setting a standard of service that will become the norm, not just for student housing, but for all housing providers.”

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The solution will be demoed live in the On-Site booth #307 at the NMHC Student Housing Conference & Exposition in New Orleans, Sept. 30 – Oct 2. For more information about features and benefits, click here or call us at (855) 667-6500.

About On-Site

Founded in 1999 with technology and service 100% based in the U.S., On-Site is bringing the apartment industry up-to-speed with what today’s consumer expects from the renting experience: modern technology and a focus on usability. On-Site’s online listing-to-lease platform covers everything from marketing communities and qualifying renters to generating and e-signing lease contracts with online document storage. The result is a simplified leasing process that leads to greater customer satisfaction and translates directly to the positive side of the balance sheet. For more information about On Site’s leasing solutions, visit or contact one of our online leasing experts at (855) 667-6500.