On-Site.com - Select an ApartmentOn-Site is excited to announce our new apartment mapping feature, which delivers available apartments to online applicants via a satellite map interface of your actual community. Renters can use the intuitive map interface to zoom-in, out and scroll across the screen to shop available apartments. When they find an apartment they like, renters can then click the apartment tag to view lease terms and jump straight into an online application. Combine apartment mapping with On‑Site’s screening on-demand and payment processing tools and renters can qualify instantly for their chosen apartment and submit a holding deposit to reserve their new home.

Communicating geographic amenities

Apartment mapping addresses the current challenges, inherent to marketing apartments online, of conveying an available apartment’s location within a larger community and differentiating multiple apartments of the same floorplan style. In spite of the multitude of photos you may upload to your community website, renters struggle to get a sense for the location of a particular apartment. And the differences between one 2 bedroom, 2 bath and another 2 bedroom, 2 bath are even harder to comprehend. However the differences between one available apartment and the next can be significant, and effectively communicating these differences carries huge implications.

When it comes to shopping for an apartment, desirability isn’t always defined by what’s inside the apartment like an in-unit washer and dryer, dishwasher, etc. The apartment itself often defines desirability. Sometimes, renters are attracted to corner apartments with extra windows, apartments away from street traffic, apartments close to parking etc. Communicating these geographic amenities is now easier than ever with On-Site’s apartment mapping tool.

Fit for mobile devices

The great thing about our apartment mapping tool is that the user interface works great on desktops but it’s a natural fit for touchscreen smart phones and tablets. The ability to navigate around a community map by simply dragging one’s finger across the screen and pinching to zoom in and out is second nature to today’s mobile, technologically informed renters.

Furthermore, the ability to see available apartments mapped visually as opposed to a static list is certainly impactful in its own right. Implementing the latest in leasing technology and making it easy to rent with you sends a message to prospective renters that you value convenience—and more importantly—you value your renters.

Closing the loop

Best of all, the new apartment mapping feature ties into On-Site’s current online application process, which means that implementing this new tool is quick and easy for current and future clients. For more information about On-Site’s apartment mapping tool and to learn how to add this feature to your online application call us at (888) 556-6748.