According to one recent study, online ratings make a big difference these days for those looking to rent an apartment.

The Trends in Resident Technology and Communication Preferences report, conducted by J Turner Resarch, revealed that 74 percent of those looking to sign leases on new apartments went to review sites to get a better sense of a place before going on a physical tour, according to Multifamily Executive. It also showed that just 5 percent of those looking for a place to rent went onto social media sites, such as Twitter or Facebook.

"The renting game has changed,” said Kerry Kirby, founder of New Orleans-based online service provider 365 Connect, in an interview with the source. "These kids now will look at your … website and decide if they even want to show up [to look]. So you have to market from that standpoint of having a great website and a great public face on the Internet so there’s a reason for them to come." 

According to Jennifer Staciokas, vice president of marketing for Dallas-based Lincoln Properties, rental property management professionals may want to use Pinterest to increase an apartment's visibility. In a previous interview with source, she touted the fact that social media site had 10.4 million users, 84 percent of whom are women.