Getting someone to visit to your property physically takes a lot of effort, but offering them a virtual experience only takes a few clicks. Rather than solely listing individual units on rental sites, use an interactive map designed specifically for your community to showcase open apartments.

Shoppers are looking online now more than ever to make buying decisions, and this is especially true for pricier purchases and investments—like apartments. People want to ensure they are getting the biggest bang for their buck, and researching online allows them to compare options across a multitude of competitors.

The more detailed information you have available, the more questions you’re able to answer and the less uncertainty renters will feel—making them more likely to engage.


Step up your online presence and attract prospect renters to your community by selling them with visuals. Aerial mapping allows prospects to scroll through and browse available units and its surrounding area in real time.

Users can zoom in or out to get a feel for that unit’s location and click to view floor plans.

Property managers can use mapping as an advertising tool to draw attention to certain perks or specific units. Located next to the ocean or a school? Have a corner unit available with a view or a first-floor unit where the patio opens up next to the pool? Highlight these details on your map and those units are sure to see a spike in interest.

We are lucky to be in an era where information is easily accessible, and so is the ability to distribute it. Creating a virtual world of your apartment community allows prospects who wouldn’t (or couldn’t) normally visit your complex get a chance to experience it. Think about the worker moving states for their job transfer, or the student going to school away from home. Without an interactive map or visuals, they would have to fly out specifically to apartment hunt or commit to something without ever having seen it.

Don’t let your units get lost in the flood of rentals listed online—showcase them instead on your community’s interactive map.