There’s a secret to making your property a marketing masterpiece: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Billions of searches are being made every day online, and the internet giants are making sure that the information handed to users is relevant to their needs. The way they do this is through SEO tactics. To make sure your website is the first one showing up, introduce some of these tips to add to your online presence.

Keyword: Content

When a user goes to search for apartments in your area, you can help your website move further up the search page by making sure the content is not only relevant, but helpful. In the days of old, the practice of “keyword stuffing” was widely popular, but search engines have become more advanced, so you must optimize your site to follow suit. Rather than cramming your page with all the words a potential tenant might search, make the content on your site user friendly. The more helpful to the user your content is, the more likely it is to appear in a search.

Make It Meta

The short description that appears under the title tag of a search is the meta description of a page the user is about to open. This information doesn’t have anything to do with the algorithms used to search through sites, but it is widely recognized as an important part of SEO marketing. Meta descriptions are typically 140-160 characters (about the same length as a tweet), making concision important to this element. Meta descriptions are known to boost click-through rates for sites, meaning a good description can help a user decide whether browsing your page is worth their time or not.

Keep It Fresh

To get the most out of your website, you need to create a consistent stream of content. Search engines like to give users the most recent content created on the subject they are searching. For your website to be one of the top searches, there needs to be fresh content or updates on your pages on a regular basis. Include links to your social media sites helps with this because you should be sharing updates or pictures across your social platforms often. To help spread and track the content you’re creating, use a helpful tool like AdBlast, which will not only post to separate sites for you, but also give you reports back on how to further optimize your content. New content should contain one or two keywords, but be careful not to overload your page, it will only push you further away from the top of the page.