The process of moving may leave new residents tired and surly, which can affect their first impression of their new landlord. However, a simple and practical welcome package might be just what your new tenants need to pick up their spirits, which will leave them impressed with you.


Everyone forgets a few things during a big move. There are big things on your new tenant’s mind like packing, making sure everything they brought with them is there when they arrive, and setting up their new home. Sometimes, the little things simply slip away from them. By including basic toiletries like a box of tissues, toilet paper, and soap, you can help them settle into their new home with a little less stress.

Information Packet

If your property does not have an information packet prepared, you can grab one at city hall or the Chamber of Commerce. Though what might be easiest is to pull flyers from your property’s community board if you have one. This will let your residents know if there are any community events going on that they could attend for a chance to meet their neighbors and learn more about the area.

Cleaning Supplies

While you may believe that the unit your new residents just moved into is spotless, they might want to quickly dust the place to make it feel more like home. Leaving a roll of paper towels and a bottle of Windex will help them feel more comfortable in their new surroundings. There’s no need to equip them with a complete cabinet of Clorox, but leaving one or two things in the kitchen for them to find will help them prepare their new home. It will also let your residents know that keeping the unit clean should be a priority.


If your tenants are new in town, they might not know where to eat. Since people don’t typically start cooking their first night in a new home, leaving a coupon for a local pizza place or Chinese restaurant will not only help them out, but also give them an idea of what might be the popular eateries around their new home. Allowing the tenant come to you for a suggestion might seem like a great chance to get to know them, but understand that they may not be in a talkative mood after hauling all of their belongings from one place to the next.

Moving Made Easier

Before they even enter through the door of their new apartment, let your residents know that you are as dedicated to them as they are to their new home. Help them streamline the moving process by offering MoveMe, which will remove some of the small, annoying tasks of moving.