A new law in California will require all multifamily housing communities in the state to include access to on-site recycling, presenting a few alternatives.

Failure to comply with basic recycling requirements will potentially result in fines and liens, to be determined and issued locally. California Assembly Member Bob Blumenfield claimed that fewer than 40 percent of the state's apartment dwellers have access to recycling, compared to 70 percent of homeowners, who can make use of curbside recycling services, UNITS magazine reports.

Some states and cities across the country already possess similar mandates. Boston and Miami require communities to provide recycling opportunities for residents, and metros including Austin and Nashville have already scheduled the implementation of their own rules. At the state level, Oregon and Delaware have laws on the subject, although they are less restrictive. Delaware mandates that waste-haulers offer their services to multifamily communities as well as single-family residents, but does not require residents to participate.

Rental property management service providers in California and other parts of the country that are implementing their own laws may need to adjust their operations to ensure they provide any required services.