Original story by Quest Management Group COO Ivana Christman as featured on Upshot.

Sloppy turns, exhausted employees, and unhappy residents can be a nightmare for those of us in property management. Quest Management Group was facing these same issues, but by enabling our employees with the right technology, we turned our bottom performing property into an award-wining, profit-generating machine. Keep reading to see how…

Three years ago my company, Quest Management Group, was facing a dilemma. Our bottom performing property had a delinquency rate of 15 to 18 percent (almost double the national average of 8.9 percent), and we were considering several options, even selling it. The problem wasn’t demand; it was the chaos. We were receiving 300 to 400 leads per month, but the staff was so inundated with busywork that they couldn’t follow up properly, offer proper customer service and were performing sloppy turns, which led to a huge number of complaints.

As the VP at that time, I took a step back and started to ask how I could enable our employees to take this underperforming property and turn it into not just one that made us money, but one where the employees were actually thrilled to come to work.

What did we do? Did we hire a big consulting company to review our procedures and reduce delinquency by a percent or two? Not even close. Today this very same property is now having its best year ever. We’re stable at 97–98 percent occupancy, delinquency is around 4–5 percent and it is beating its Net Operating Income (NOI) budget by 11.8 percent—and after its end-of-year, looks to be closer to 12.3 percent!

How did we take our struggling property and turn it into an award-winning, revenue-driving asset? By enabling our employees with the right tools and resources to get their job done effectively and efficiently. We wanted to make their job simple, easy and functional, not just for their own peace of mind, but also for the residents. Here, I’ll show you…

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