Homeowners in Pittsburgh are having a hard time finding moderately-priced homes, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Many homeowners are grappling with the costs of the very expensive homes in the city – and if the homes aren't very overpriced, they're subsidized, according to one Gazette correspondent.

According to the news source, the homeowner in question was having difficulty finding housing in the city that wasn't $250,000 or more, but also wasn't government-subsidized and designed to look like a market-rate rental.

The Gazette notes that homeowners may have a hard time finding housing intended for the middle class because many real estate agents and property management officials simply aren't marketing in that direction. Management officials have found that apartments priced for the middle class do not bring in as many rental applications as they would like.

However, the Gazette also notes that renters who want to find moderately-priced housing can do so, if they're willing to sacrifice location.