Pop quiz! What’s the secret to increasing renewals? (Hint: it’s not more amenities.)

If you said, “community,” give yourself a gold star 🙂

While renters love tangible perks, they’re also craving something more abstract: positive relationships with the people around them (e.g., your employees, and their neighbors). Having a network of friendly faces makes them feel happier and more secure in your apartment complex.

So how do you create connections and ensure more renewals? Check it out:

Be the ‘life’ in the ‘work-life balance’

When tenants come home from work, they look forward to life away from the nine-to-five grind. Create a welcoming atmosphere for them. This can be as simple as keeping the lobby clean, or making sure employees are friendly and responsive.

Hosting an event on-site? Publicize it. Remind them that when they’re at home, they’re part of a community. When you create a space that renters love to live in, they’re more likely to connect with each other, and stay longer.

Host weekly events

Give residents the opportunity to socialize through weekly events. If you have spacious outdoor space, host community barbecues. Do people like to hang out in your lobby or common areas? Throw game nights or weekly screenings of popular shows.

Not sure where to start? Think about your demographic. What are your renters’ interests? If you have a lot of families, you’re more likely to get people involved with community play dates than events for singles. For communities with, say, fitness fanatics, on-site yoga classes might be a smart choice.

Connect with tech

Even in our wireless age, face-to-face communication from your staff will always be welcomed by renters. However, technology can be a major source of convenience. For example, online rent payments can make their lives easier by removing the steps of writing and mailing a check every month.

And with the right service, you can offer them a suite of other options as well. Whether they want to renew their lease hassle-free or make a simple maintenance request, give them the chance to do it online. After all, contacting you should be as easy as contacting their friends. It’s another powerful way to make them feel at home.

Welcome renters (before they even arrive)

Moving into a new community may come with mixed feelings. On one hand, renters are excited to arrive. On the other, they may be overwhelmed by the stress of moving. Welcome them to your family by making the transition easy.

Before they leave their current location, you can help them forward their mail, find a moving company, and connect their utilities. By covering these simple tasks, you’ll make them feel less isolated in their new digs. They’ll already feel like part of your community on move-in day.

Give surveys

A good relationship between your employees and your renters is vital. The latter will always feel comfortable in the community when your team makes their well-being a priority.

One effective (and inexpensive) way to show you care is by surveying your residents. Get their feedback at important parts of their renting journey. A good place to start is when they convert to leads (it’ll guide them through your funnel towards signing a lease).

But you also want to check in once they arrive, after a maintenance request is fulfilled, and at other critical moments. And always respond to their survey, whether or not the feedback is positive. It shows that you’re committed to their renting experience.