We all think that our pets are fantastic and magical—even though they may not be a niffler or a bowtruckle—and we love to keep them around. The American Humane Society reports that 72% of renters are pet owners. Furry friends are on the rise and many buildings in multifamily haven’t caught up to include them. 82% of pet owners have a hard time finding a place to live due to anti-pet policies. In an increasingly competitive market, it is important to keep with current trends—and these beasts are going to give property managers a competitive edge.

So here are some reasons why having fantastic beasts in your property are a great idea.

As Loyal as an Owl

Pet owners are more likely to stay in their apartment more than twice as long as renters without pets. On top of that, properties with pro-pet policies have a significantly lower vacancy rate than those without. Plus, more than 20% of tenants in properties with no-pet policies claim they have kept their animals anyways. Adopting a pro-pet policy can stop residents from stowing their pets in magical briefcases.

Care of Magical Creatures

Creating policies for pets can be simple if you get creative. Any question can be answered. Do you not want the entire building accessible to pets? Have pet-friendly floors. Afraid of the extra wear and tear that pets bring to a building? Add a pet rent or premium to aid with the extra costs. Afraid a beast might surprise you? Require recommendation letters or hold an animal interview to meet with the creature before giving them the OK.  There is no reason to fear having beasts in your building.

Pet Amenities are Magical

You can make pet owners happy without using a spell or charm on them, a couple well-placed pet parks will do the trick just fine. There are several pet amenities that are low maintenance and work wonders. Simply having a dog park will boost the happiness of your pet-loving residents—and they are simple to maintain. All you need is some fenced in grass; maybe a tunnel or two. It doesn’t take much to please a pup. And the best part is you can transfigure a space you already have; some buildings are trading underused sun decks and tennis courts for a pet area where residents can play with their pooches or spend a communal “Yappy Hour” to socialize with other pet owners.

Habitat Conservation

Much like Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and his crusade to educate people about his creatures; it is important to realize how meaningful a pro-pet policy can be. One of the most common reasons pets are surrendered to shelters is because their owners are moving somewhere pets are not allowed. And if it makes you feel better, one of the least common reasons for pet releases is behavioral problems.