During a webcast sponsored by Multifamily Insiders, multifamily marketing consultant Kate Good revealed a number of different marketing strategies members of the apartment industry should be utilizing in 2012, according to Multi-Housing News.

According to Good, the ideal way for multifamily businesses and industry members, including property management firms, to adequately set up their marketing efforts this year is to make a 12-month plan that maps out specific strategies to use.

In terms of particular areas of marketing to focus on, Good said social media continues to grow in importance for apartment firms.

"Even if you have a mobile website, budget to upgrade it in 2012," she said, according to MHN. "About 4.5 billion people already own a mobile phone. As your residents continue to pull away from computers, you'll need the money to make the updates."

Additionally, she stated interacting with consumers on Facebook and Twitter and keeping up with the conversation of current and prospective tenants is key.

An apartment firm in Dallas is reportedly utilizing social media well to market its properties this year. Multi-Housing News reports interaction with online users helped fill 60 percent of a complex owned by Wood Partners during in eight weeks.