It’s the lease we can do.

Put On-Site’s patented lease automation technology to work for you. Documents pre-fills every form for you, eliminating typos, calculating prorates and controlling concessions automatically. Best of all, your documents are accessible from anywhere via secure online archiving and the convenience to both residents and leasing staff is unparalleled.

Step 1

On-Site’s document design experts upload your existing lease into an online format.

Step 2

Patented automation technology imports lease info from the online application.

Step 3

Staff, applicants and guarantors complete documents at their convenience with E-Sign.

Move your lease online.

On-Site’s team of document design specialists have been moving leases online since 2001 using patented lease automation technology. We can upload your existing lease or you can use official leases from Blue Moon, Tenant Technologies, REBNY, NAA, TAA and other apartment associations.
  • Fully automated. Fill in every form and eliminate typos with ease.
  • Made for Mobile. Documents can be viewed and signed from any mobile device.

Documents works with your existing lease or one of ours.

Generate pre-filled lease documents.

With On-Site’s patented lease automation technology, the data you collect through your online application exports seamlessly to your digital lease documents so you and your applicants don’t have to re-enter data from one form to the next.
  • Fully automated. Fill in every from and eliminate typos with ease.
  • Made for Mobile. Documents can be viewed and signed from any mobile device.

Patented automation technology syncs applicant info from one form to the next.

Certified Docs

Choose Certified Docs™ and gain access to our library of leasing and operational forms. In addition to our state-specific lease packages, the library also includes city-specific leases for places like Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Seattle.
    • Rapid updates with regulatory or policy changes.
    • Built-in prorates mean perfect calculations every time.
“Overall, the electronic lease docs product seamlessly integrates with their screening tool. We are reducing the time our staff spends walking new tenants through lease docs.” – Executive Sponsor in Information Technology and Services
168 clauses auto-updated based on changes to laws and best practices in each state.
Over 1700 customized documents created, saving leasing offices ~4 hours of design work per document.

Roll out the virtual welcome mat.

Spread the word to thousands of prospects. On-Site's powerful Marketing Suite drives traffic and builds your brand effectively, so you can extend your reach without overextending yourself.

Turns leads into leases.

Leasing Suite’s online tools deliver everything you need to convert prospects into residents, from online applications to screening and e-sign ready digital documents with cloud-based file management. In fact, you might be left wondering how you ever managed without us.

Welcome renters home with first-class convenience tools.

Resident Passport makes it quick and easy for your renters to renew a lease, pay rent and submit maintenance requests online. Being a renter has never been this good.

Online Renewals

Bring people and technology together like never before.

Work smarter and bring greater efficiency to your technology stack with Property Productivity tools. With CloudFile and our full roster of official partner integrations, On-Site is the centerpiece for today's connected leasing office.

See how Document Services can revolutionize the way you rent.

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