Not everyone may take grammar, word use and formatting to heart when looking for apartments online, such as postings on Craigslist. However, some linguistic and rental industry experts told the Huffington Post a well-written rental property listing is more likely to yield leads than a poorly written one.

Robert Lane Greene, a correspondent for the Economist, who wrote a book about speaking, told the source the worse the writing for an online listing, the less respected it is. He added more people appear to be caring about grammar and formatting when posting online.

"So many more people are writing than ever before in history. We're seeing a lot of, basically, people writing like they speak," Greene told the news source.

Panos Ipeirotis, an associate professor and researcher at NYU's Stern School of Business, told the source he has found well-written reviews on hotel-booking websites such as Travelocity and TripAdvisor lead to more bookings than ones with poor grammar and structure. He added the same would likely be true for Craigslist postings for rental properties.

Rental property management firms and landlords with online listings may want to spend a considerable amount of time and effort formatting their listings to secure as many leads as they can.