Faced with some signs of growing interest in apartment living in the downtown area, The Colorado Springs Gazette reports, one developer is turning to technology and other tools to evaluate the extent of demand.

Planning and development executive Darsey Nicklasson, according to the news source, is trying to gauge interest in residential apartment living. She indicated the responses have been largely positive, although development efforts are in the initial planning stages and subject to change.

She noted most new construction has been less centrally located, and new units downtown could appeal to many renters. In particular, she noted, young professionals might enjoy the location and easy access to amenities it provides.

Currently, she notes, the downtown area has a limited number of condominiums and rentals, but they skew towards high and low incomes, respectively. In contrast, Nicklasson told the paper she expects units geared toward meeting the needs of intermediate income renters could secure its own niche, based on her findings.

Landlords may benefit from the use of other technological tools in their business, such as online leasing. Used by some rental property management firms, online leasing tools can ease the processing of information, applications, renewals and other aspects of the lease process.