You know those really impersonal marketing emails?

To appeal to a wide audience, they read like a clumsy letter from a stranger who pretends to know you? As a result, the email feels like it’s addressed to no one in particular.

Great email marketing is personal. The message doesn’t have to cite the details of your life; it just has to address your needs at that particular moment.

So how do leasing teams balance meeting the desires of renters without personally messaging every single contact?

Glad you asked! There are two effective strategies:


Automated emails and texts are programmed to go out at specific moments. They’re written in advance, but sent at exactly the right time, which can have huge advantages.

Target different stages of the renter cycle

As marketers, you should strategize how to connect with renters at each stage of their cycle. Whether it’s the “just browsing” stage, or later when they’re considering renewal.

Automated messages are sent at every step of the way. The idea is to nurture would-be tenants / leads, and nudge them towards the next stage.

  • For example, if a renter tours your property, send her an automated follow-up message that thanks her for stopping by, and includes more enticing details about the property.

By keeping up correspondence at the right moments, your leads will remember you. And if they’re interested in your community, they’ll be much more likely to sign the lease.

Save time

Automated messaging improves efficiency. When all of your correspondence is completed ahead of time, you don’t have to worry about following up with your leads (thank you, technology).

That means your leasing team has more time to refine marketing strategy, address the needs of tenants on site and more.

Never lose an important lead

Let’s be honest: sometimes leads slip through the cracks.

When you have a long list of contacts at various stages of the renter cycle, it’s possible that a potential renter will get lost. But reliable email software ensures that you’ll always reach them.

Connecting with leads along the way isn’t just good for you; it also lets them know that they’re important. You’re building a relationship, which is an important step to converting that prospect to a renter.


Unlike automated messages, on-demand is useful when you need to get specific.

Promote events

There may not a pre-made message template for that awesome upcoming event in your lobby. That’s where on-demand messaging comes in.

Whether it’s a mixer, pool party, or cool movie night, live, in-person events are a great way to engage your tenants… But no one’s going to come if you can’t promote it.

Need to send an announcement? Write a specific message covering the details. Let people know there’s construction, a change in leasing office hours, etc. Renters will always appreciate a head’s up.

A little personalization goes a long way

Reaching out to an individual renter can strengthen your relationship, when it’s appropriate (i.e. don’t stalk people).

  • Examples might include a personal thank you from a leasing agent after a renewal; a check-in to make sure their rental experience is positive; following up after a maintenance request is completed.

And like all good communication, messaging should be two-way. Let renters respond to your emails and texts, and answer their responses in a timely fashion.

A personalized message or two over the course of a renter’s lease will yield a pretty big benefit…

Lock in renewals

Excellent, personalized customer service keeps people coming back, no matter the industry. Apartment marketing is no different.

With on-demand messaging, you demonstrate that you care about your renters. You’re able to treat them like individual members of the community, and not just as anonymous residents who come and go.

That feeling of belonging can be very persuasive when it comes time to renew a lease. And with the right messaging strategy, you can always make sure renters feel welcome.

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