In this second post in our weeklong series of updates from the NAA Education Conference & Expo, we’ll focus on what goes into building a trade show booth.

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. By the looks of things here on the trade show floor at the San Diego Convention Center, the old adage holds true. In the wee hours of the morning, few vendors have begun building their booths.

Trade Show Floor

By early afternoon, the convention center comes to life like a city in miniature. The aisles turn into freeways, rumbling with the traffic of a hundred carts, cranes and forklifts. And booths begin to sprout up.

At the On-Site booth, construction begins by laying the carpet and wiring.


Not long after the carpet goes down, the 20×20 arch that will straddle our booth is assembled.

The Arch

The frame of the arch is dressed up in full On-Site livery.

The Arch Gets Dressed

Meanwhile, the giveaways start to come out of their boxes.

On-Site Shirts Bracelets Cups Candy

Check back often for more behind the scenes updates from NAA 2013 San Diego.