Some public officials in Madison, Wisconsin, say they are pursuing action against one out-of-state landlord which they say has created a number of issues in parts of the city because of questionable screening practices.

Channel 3000 reports officials say one apartment complex in the Lake Point Drive neighborhood has become a nuisance, and they have been building up a case in an attempt to get rid of the landlord.

"It's owned by an out-of-state interest that we have had some questions and concerns about screening the last couple of months," Alderman Tim Bruer told the station.

The issue came to a head recently when the area was the site of two recent child deaths over the past several days, the station reports.

Other cities have also taken similar steps against landlords they feel have been lax in resident screening before handing over lease documents. Officials in Boston recently unveiled a new program designed to target rental properties which have consistent issues, the Boston Herald reports, showing the need for proper screening nationwide.