Ways to make an apartment pet-friendly

Though not all rental property management firms and landlords allow pets at their properties a number of apartments nationwide do. HGTV has some helpful ideas for renters to make their new rental unit a great place for them and their pets to reside.

The most common pets in American households include dogs and cats. Each animal can shed a substantial amount of hair on a daily basis, so vacuuming is essential to keep an apartment with these four-legged creatures clean, the source states.

Bathing and grooming these animals are also good ideas, according to HGTV. For instance, trimming a cat's nails can prevent it from scratching furniture. Also, dogs tend to track dirt in apartments, so washing their paws regularly can help ensure one's floors are kept clean.

When looking for a new apartment, prospective tenants may want to steer clear of units with carpeting. The source says keeping an apartment with carpeting clean of hair and possible stains is near impossible. It's recommended renters look for apartments with hardwood floors instead.