Online rental payments make life for property managers easier in several ways – they have a safe and organized way to receive payments, they can clearly monitor all accounts and it's convenient for everyone.

However, many tenants are still stuck in the past, handing in paper checks or even cash. In order to spur them in the direction of web payments, property managers should go out of their way to demonstrate the perks of going online.

For tenants who are concerned about the environment, property managers should be sure to mention that paying online saves the paper that would be wasted from their check and the paperwork that followed.

Additionally, if the landlord uses an online rental payment tool, the tenants may be able to receive notification when their rent is due. According to Inman News, one rental website, ClickPay, sends out a PDF of the rental bill to every tenant a few days before the end of the pay period. Similar websites include RentPayment, PayLease and PayYourRent. 

Inman notes that several property managers have begun to use the convenience of online payment as a marketing tool to increase their volume of incoming rental applications.