renter relations

Social Mediate

A long, long time ago, people spoke to one another face-to-face. If something went wrong in their apartment, like an appliance which has stopped working, they went and spoke to their landlord. However, things have changed over the years; it began with the email and eventually moved to social media.… Read More

Renter Relations Delivers Reports to Your Applicants Automatically

On-Site is pleased to announce a new enhancement to our Renter Relations department. All applicants will now receive an electronic copy of their Rental Report directly from On-Site after screening is complete. Since we brought leasing online, we have been committed to helping applicants—your future residents—by clearing up outdated information on… Read More

On-Site Renter Relations: Helping You Qualify More Applicants

A quarter of your applicants are being turned away, because of errors on their credit report—unless, of course, you’re one of the many housing providers using On-Site’s Renter Relations service to help resolve credit report errors. But what if you aren’t partnering with On-Site’s Renter Relations? To answer that question,… Read More