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Social Mediate

A long, long time ago, people spoke to one another face-to-face. If something went wrong in their apartment, like an appliance which has stopped working, they went and spoke to their landlord. However, things have changed over the years; it began with the email and eventually moved to social media.… Read More

This Property Is Not Yet Rated

Sometimes it feels as though a bad review can be the beginning of the end for a property. Receiving a negative Yelp review or bad feedback on Facebook may be a property manager’s nightmare—but there are worse things than a bad review. A majority of prospective buyers will look at… Read More

Marketing Your Property Online: 5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid

First, the good news: you can successfully promote your property, get better leads and even find reliable renters through online marketing. Ready for the not-so-good news? There’s no one proven golden ticket for success. And in fact, because the Internet is still a relatively new frontier when it comes to… Read More

MFE: On-Site Integrates RentLingo Reviews for Clients’ Websites

When prospective tenants are researching properties, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll want to confer with rating and review sites. But that means they’ll leave the leasing website to research ratings, which decreases the amount of direct leads from that website. In hopes of increasing the lead-to-lease conversion rate on the… Read More

RentLingo Partners with On-Site to Power Property Website Reviews

RentLingo and On-Site announced today a partnership to allow On-Site clients to seamlessly integrate reviews onto their property website with reviews provided by RentLingo, an expert, curated review site. RentLingo is unique in that it sources its reviews not from user generated reviews but by hiring former Property Managers to mystery… Read More