A new survey shows that when searching for apartments, many tenants are sticking with traditional methods and have not yet embraced using social media networks, though many are open to the concept.

Apartments.com reported that while 71 percent of apartment shoppers said they were active on social media sites, only 25 percent said they would use those sites during their apartment search. At the same time, 70 percent said they would consider using it in the future, though not primarily for the purposes of finding a new apartment. Most – 58.1 percent – said they would be more likely to use social media to find additional information about a community or obtain recommendations, while 54.7 percent said they would use the sites to find pictures or video of an apartment.

All the while, 52.7 percent said they would use social media to search listings and 46.8 percent said they would do so to find special perks or incentives.

Experts say the survey could show landlords not only the value of a social media presence, but also give them specific guidance on how best to use their networking sites. Still, fewer than 10 percent of respondents say they connected with their apartment community through social media, a sign that some landlords aren't using the sites or that renters simply don't know about them.

A recent report from Multi-Housing News also suggested that landlords urge their tenants to join social media fan pages for their apartment building, which can inform them of community get-togethers or special perks. These efforts can form more of a community bond, said the report.