On-Site for Student Housing

From application to signed lease in minutes.

Online leasing for short attention spans:

Accept applications online.



Online Applications

Customize the application form and ask any questions you want—a helpful feature when it comes to roommate matching and figuring out who's a bookworm and who's party animal. What's more, you can require students to secure and invite a guarantor, all within the online-application. Learn more about Online Applications.

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Roommate? I'm looking for a bromance.

Apply to wait list units.

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Can I pay rent with my beer bottle collection?



Pricing & Availability

Accept applications by floorplan and add students to a wait list for roommate matching later. Present your terms based on the school schedule. Semesters? No problem. Quarters? Check. Block schedule? Why not! On-Site even lets students choose monthly payments, or pro-rate across a number of installments. Learn more about Pricing & Availability.

Separate criteria for students & guarantors.





Fully customizable rental criteria means you can perform a background check on students while doing a credit check for their guarantors. And guarantors are only invited to apply and qualify once the student qualifies, which saves you money on screening. Learn more about Screening.

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I'm screening my fav episodes of Dr. Who in my dorm.

Apply, qualify & sign a lease in one session.


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I don't have to leave my dorm? More time for Call of Duty.




Documents pre-fills every form for you, eliminating typos, calculating prorates and controlling concessions automatically. Qualified students can even e-sign the lease as part of the application package so you don't have to chase down signatures later. Learn more about Documents.

“With On-Site students can lease online in an easy checkout process that puts and end to all the paper pushing.”

Christine Richards

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Student Housing Summary

  • Online archiving keeps your documents securely accessible from any device.
  • Application waitlisting lets students apply to floorplans and be matched up to roommates later.
  • Responsively designed. Looks great and functions perfectly on any device.
  • Collect roommate preferences via your custom online application.
  • Semester or quarter? Lease terms match the school calendar.
  • Single session leasing.  Apply, qualify and e-sign the lease all in one sitting.
  • Rent by installment. Collect rent via customizable installments.
  • Application shopping cart lets students add amenities like parking and meal plans.

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