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EdR Moves to Online Leasing

Memphis, Tenn. –, a company founded to apply web-based software solutions to real estate management, has partnered with EdR to introduce online leasing to 67 communities, comprising 37,000 leasable beds by the end of this summer.

On-Site’s online leasing solution will allow EdR’s student renters to shop apartments, apply, qualify and e-sign a lease in one continuous, online checkout process, optimized to run on smartphones or tablets.

Christine Richards, EdR senior vice president and chief operations officer, led the move to online leasing, stressing a need for greater usability and convenience in the renting process.

Students can sign the lease once they meet the community’s rental criteria and without the assistance of a leasing agent.

Both paper and online leasing will be options to renters, but eliminating paper leases entirely is a long-term goal.