Utilizing social media websites, including Facebook and Twitter, to connect with and attract tenants can be advantageous for rental property management companies, according to Zillow.

Aside from using the sites for basic things, such as letting rental residents know of changes and updates regarding the building or policies, Zillow notes social media can help retain and gain tenants.

By posting photos of the property management team, tenants can see exactly who they are dealing with on a regular basis, according to the real estate information site. In turn, this can help build trust with those living in the company's units.

Additionally, social media can provide a forum for tenants, who can use the sites to provide both good and bad feedback. Information such as this can assist property managers by showing them what they do and don't do well.

Even comments from prospective tenants and others who come across a management company's page can allow that business to get an idea of their reputation, Zillow states.