For tenants who sign a rental lease agreement for a small apartment, the interior design website Freshome has some quality advice to help them maximize the space in their units.

Apartments with only a few living spaces means renters might have to use the same room for multiple purposes. For instances, some units don't come with dining rooms, so renters are forced to eat meals in their living rooms. Adding multi-purpose furniture in a living space can help make it just as useful to relax in as to eat in, Freshome says.

Using vertical and hidden storage units to store away belongings is another way to maximize space, according to the source. Adding a shelf to a wall or buying a bookcase can sufficiently store several of a tenant's possessions. Additionally, finding hidden areas, such as underneath one's bed, for other valuables can clear up extra space.

While painting light or neutral colors on an apartment wall and allowing plenty of light in won't necessarily increase the amount of space in a rental unit, Freshome says doing so can open up an apartment and make it feel larger.