With instability still hanging over most financial sectors, investors have turned to the rental market for a boost through the purchase of rental-backed securities.

According to CNNMoney, many Wall Street investors are cashing in on the instability of the housing retail market by purchasing foreclosed homes and fixing and leasing them. Many investment firms, hedge funds, real estate investors and private equity partnerships have been getting into the rental game.

The Wall Street Journal reports that in order to be even more bullish on foreclosures, investment group Waypoint Real Estate Group LLC acquired a $65 million loan from Citigroup. The Journal notes that this deal may be a sign that bankers are working on the first security ever backed by rental payments, instead of mortgage payments.

However, according to The Journal, securitization of lease payments is tricky territory, as there is little data to prove that tenants renting previously-foreclosed homes are apt to pay rent on time. The investment firms would have to conduct strict tenant background checks before applying for a rental-backed security.