Landlords and renters alike should look out for scams being run through online resources. While Craigslist postings can be an effective tool for owners to fill units and prospective tenants to find housing, it is important to filter the legitimate ones and avoid the fakes.

Scams can come in several varieties, AOL Real Estate notes. One common one is for a fake landlord to advertise an unlisted property. While the property itself is real and frequently unoccupied, the fraudster does not own it. Once renters pay a deposit or first month's rent, the landlord will disappear and leave them living in a home they have no right to.

Caution is more important when dealing with a single individual or small company, since those are easier to fake. The news source recommends renters look up a home or apartment's address and visit to ensure it really is what the landlord claims. Scams frequently take advantage of those who cannot visit expressly because they are more easily devceived.

Aside from checking the home's address, prospective tenants can look up the landlord or company. Additionally, they should note that scams commonly ask the victims to wire money, because it is difficult to trace.