To help ensure a steady stream of online rental applications, lease agreements and lease renewals property managers need to find ways to attract new renters and keep them happy. What measures are there to accomplish this goal, you ask? Read on for three ideas.

1) Keep the outside tidy
Though it often goes without saying, quality aesthetics can go a long way in attracting renters. A well-groomed outside of the apartment may help encourage consumers who drive by to come for a visit, while it may also encourage those on the fence about choosing an apartment at your community to actually step over the threshold. Thus, proper landscaping may be a necessary factor to maintain 100 percent occupancy.

Doing this could be a great idea, but implementation is another story. Having set schedules for lawn-mowing, planting flowers and general landscaping are all important. If your community is located within colder climates, there is also a need for quick and regular snow removal. Also keep in mind that whenever landscaping presents a potential inconvenience for your renters, you need to warn them well in advance (even if it’s just for small maintenance projects).

Bottom line: The cosmetics of your property will be the first thing anyone sees, and if it is not in great condition, the chances of someone sticking around can be negatively affected.

2) Have emergency maintenance workers available
This may seem like a no-brainer, but having someone available 24 hours a day is very important for renters. While the leasing office may only be open to handle maintenance emergencies during normal business hours, a reliable and quick option for after-hour emergencies is vital. Make sure to inform new renters of emergency maintenance contacts as part of the move-in process, and remind them periodically in case any changes occur.

3) Make the apartment a community
While many people are hesitant to meet their neighbors, it could benefit a property manager to ensure renters know one another. When a new renter moves in, you could send them a flyer encouraging them to introduce themselves to their immediate neighbors. This way, they’ll know who lives in their section of the property.

In the same vein, having sponsored events may help improve the living situation for those involved. Whether your community is filled with college students, young professionals, adults or all of the above, having meet-ups can build a better atmosphere in your apartment community. Following these tips may cut down on disputes and boost security at your community.