Renter Relations dispute resolution goes online 24/7

On-Site adds new levels of online convenience for renters and compliance for housing providers

On-Site is about to redefine renting (again) as we take the Renter Relations rental report dispute resolution process online 24/7.

Back in 1999 On-Site introduced the apartment industry to the concept of online leasing with our cloud-based lease creation software. Since then we’ve put a lot of effort into making the leasing process as painless as possible for your leasing staff, but your renters deserve some love too. Our 24/7 online leasing platform allows your applicants to shop for apartments and apply online whenever they want, not just during office hours. But what happens after they submit their applications and attempt to qualify for an apartment? What happens when the credit bureaus and government agencies provide incomplete or outdated information?

That’s when On-Site’s Renter Relations steps in.

Renter Relations works directly with your applicants to resolve credit, civil and criminal report misinformation online and over the phone so your renters can get the housing they need today. And we’re pretty good at it too. Thanks to Renter Relations, companies that screen with On-Site qualify 18% more applicants for move-in.

And now we’re taking what we know about online leasing and applying it to the rental report dispute resolution process with the new and improved Renter Relations. Renters who have applied at your communities will soon be able to go online to resolve disputes on their rental reports at any time, night or day.

No other resident screening provider can offer this same level of online convenience and lightning fast dispute resolution to your applicants.

Sounds great, where do I signup?

The new online Renter Relations service is still in testing, but it will soon be available to everyone who screens with On-Site. Until then check out this Renter Relations infographic to learn more about saving leases with Renter Relations:

For more on resident screening and Renter Relations: