RentBureau starts up

People ask me whether On-Site still considers itself a “start-up” company. Well,

  • Our platform is web-based.
  • We started in Silicon Valley
  • We started around 1999, when a lot of bad internet ideas took shape.

But, no: ours is a good idea, we’ve grown up, and we’ve been profitable since 2003.

It is important for us to keep a start-up mentality… how else do you stay on top of your users’ needs?

Case in point: RentBureau. Even though our users haven’t asked us to bundle them into our service yet, we moved forward. Moreover, our competitors in the screening industry have users that are begging them to add RentBureau data, and have been asking for months.

In a matter of weeks, we hooked to with RentBureau and are offering it to our users. Incredibly, we’re the first ones to do this. I consider it embarrassing that our industry hasn’t embraced a unique service like RentBureau, but all the better for us that our competition is asleep at the wheel.