A new report released by the Urban Land Institute shows that renting, as well as leasing and home pricing, will see improvements across the board in 2013.

The report, dubbed the Emerging Trends in Real Estate Forecast, shows that despite currently slow markets in retail and rentals alike, the new year will bring with it improvements in both sectors that will speed up growth.

According to the survey, 2013 will see investors putting large sums of money into the rental and retail real estate markets that will speed up growth and improve outlook. Investors who responded to the survey reported that they were most likely to decrease apartment funding in smaller markets, where overproduction of units leads to slow returns, and boost funding for developments in urban centers that can attract high volumes of renters and rental applications.

Austin, for example, was ranked as one of the top-five markets to watch across the country by the recent report, with investors seeing positive growth among retail, leasing and rental sectors in the city.