According to a recent survey released by and Memphis Invest, most active real estate investors plan to continue to purchase homes despite rising prices.

The survey, conducted by market research firm ORC International, shows that 65 percent of real estate investors who are active at present plan to maintain or increase purchase levels over the next 12 months, despite home price increases.

In a more detailed breakdown of the results, 39 percent of active investors plan to increase their purchasing levels over the coming year, while 26 percent plan to purchase as many as they did last year. The data shows that only 30 percent are planning to purchase fewer homes than they have in previous years.

Josh Dorkin, chief executive officer of, said the sharply increasing rental rates of recent months have been benefiting U.S. residential real estate investors. Developments across the country have been flooded with rental applications as vacancy rates dropped.

In August, real estate investors purchased 18 percent of houses to capitalize on low mortgage rates and high rental rates, a jump from the 16 percent recorded in July.