In most states, the law requires property managers to be responsible for all repairs done to rental units. However, before dialing the landlord's number to complain about a leaky faucet, renters should check to make sure they aren't getting themselves into hot water.

According to Janet Portman, a real estate expert for Inman News, there are several states where consumers could run into trouble for asking landlords to make repairs.

In Arkansas, for example, landlords have absolutely no responsibility for repairs. Additionally, there are several states where tenants could be evicted if they fix a problem on their own and subsequently deduct it from rent.

Portman noted that in Delaware, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, Texas, West Virginia and Wyoming, tenants are not allowed to force landlords to make repairs to their rental unit unless they are completely current on rent. In fact, if tenants do make the repairs and subtract the cost from their due rent, they may find themselves out on the street submitting a rental application elsewhere.