As another active hurricane season winds to a close, many rental property managers in the Gulf Coast area are looking for ways to better protect and secure their properties.

Fortunately for worried homeowners and property managers, a firm called Coastal Retrofit Mississippi (CRM) has teamed up with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help them bolster the safety of their homes.

CRM is a project designed to give homeowners an incentive to fix their homes by offering professional inspections, subsidized construction costs and lowered homeowners insurance rates in addition to helpful home renovations. The program is also supported by three of the largest insurance providers in the country – State Farm, Travelers and Nationwide – which have agreed to provide lowered rates in exchange for fortified homes and decreased risk of insured losses.

Rental property managers on the Mississippi coast can take advantage of the program by applying for and allowing an inspection that will let them know whether the roof of their property or the openings (windows and doors) need the most attention. Furthermore, landlords who list their property online as having increased safety could stand to receive an influx of rental applications.