Our Chief Engineer makes his dramatic debut!

For the last several weeks, in between discussions for leading MITS integration and creating show-stopping application features, our Chief Engineer Scott Jones was developing a completely new set of skills. They included:

  • Singing and dancing
  • Getting JoJo the Who in trouble with the Mayor of Whoville and his wife
  • Prescribing questionable drugs for tail growth to Gertrude, the loyal bird
  • Dragging Horton the Elephant off to become a circus display
  • Waiting on famously flaky Maisie the bird in a Mediterranean resort

On-Site, as you may guess, completely supported Scott in these activities and went to watch the finished production of "Seussical" this weekend. Our phone pics may not be the best, but the show was! Three of Scott's children were also in the play, making appearances as Max, the Grinch's dog, and assorted young citizens of WhoVille. On his performance, which set a new standard for future aspiring Cat-in-the-Hats, Scott says, "I may be addicted. This may become a regular thing." We think he means acting in future dramatic productions, as opposed to wearing stage makeup and a tux.

Newly posted on YouTube – Live video!! Check out our star.