OOLALA 2016 Follow Up: Echelon

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It’s that time of year again…

It’s awards season! Amidst all the Oscar and Golden Globes hype, we here at On-Site are preparing for our own little awards ceremony: the second annual OOLALAs. The On-Site Online Leasing And Leadership Awards recognizes our partners who super-charge their success by using On-Site products and services in exemplary ways. The OOLALAs are our way of saying thanks for being an amazing customer.

The OOLALAs will be handed out during our User Retreat, taking place January 24 – 26 in Palm Springs. In the lead up to the 2017 awards, we checked-in with 2016’s OOLALA winners to catch up on their evolving use of On-Site solutions and glean a few product usage tips from the pros. Their insights will be posted here on the blog, so check back often over the next month.


This week we’re hearing from Melissa Kaja, Systems and Integration Director at Echelon Property Group.

 As the winner of On-Site’s OOLALA award for Top Partner of The Year in 2016, Melissa worked hard to implement On-Site’s paperless across Echelon Property Group’s portfolio of 10,000 apartment homes in Colorado.

Melissa filled us in on how she’s continued to integrate On-Site services and features as the Systems and Integrations Director at Echelon. 

Online Leasing

Echelon launched On-Site across Echelon’s entire portfolio in February of 2015 with promising results: 38% of all applications were completed via the online application link. In 2016, the company increased its focus, driving online application results to an impressive 71%.

For her team, digital applications are a major asset. The process saves time and reduces the potential for data entry error. Plus, it makes life easier for every applicant. It’s a win-win!

Lease Generation / Electronic Signature

After reviewing other similar software, Melissa said the choice was easy. “On-Site is by far the most user-friendly for both the teams and the resident.” 

Using On-Site’s digital documents, leases are automatically created from the data contained in the online application with the appropriate pro-rates and calculations. In addition to convenience, electronic signatures ensure that each lease is completed with 100% accuracy. No more missed initials or signatures. According to Melissa, some of her residents will always prefer alternate methods to completing their paperwork, but 90% of all of Echelon’s leases are now signed electronically.


Melissa is a big fan of On-Site’s ability to integrate with Yardi. On-Site’s official partnership with Yardi has enabled Echelon to increase its integration success rate from 82% in 2015 to 99% in 2016. The proven functionality and power to resolve errors gives Echelon’s teams confidence in Yardi, which they also use for helpful analytics reporting.

Best piece of advice: communication is key

When asked about her best advice for property managers, Melissa is emphatic: communicate. “Keep in contact with teams and listen to what challenges they are experiencing,” she said. If a team member faces an obstacle, be supportive and know when to identify a training opportunity.

And when it comes to using On-Site, Melissa suggests taking the same approach. In order to get leasing teams on board, she says, managers need to give their teams a voice, and encourage them to speak up if they encountera challenge. They’re tasked with using the software daily, so they’ll need to understand it.

Yes, Melissa is all about communication, which is why she loves working with us. “On-Site has been an amazing partner by listening to our challenges to find solutions,” she says. It’s crucial to us to keep our partners satisfied. After all, we’re in this together.

Call for Entries: 2017 OOLALA’s

If you think you or someone you know in the apartment business has what it takes to be a Speed Leaser or win any of our other OOLALA awards—we want to hear from you! All submission are due by January 6, 2017.

Six (6) grand prize winners, one in each category, will win their choice of an iPhone 7 or Google Pixel. All finalists, up to five (5) in each category, will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

Submit an Entry

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