Rent Payments

Take the stress out of rent week.

Looking for an easier way to collect rent?

Rent Payments is the payment alternative residents actually want to use.

Let Rent Payments set you free from cumbersome paper checks and collection issues. Residents can access your branded Resident Passport dashboard at any time and pay their rent, monitor their balance & payment history and set up recurring payments. Next thing you know, you and your residents will look forward to rent week.

Pay rent, monitor payment history and set up recurring payments.

How it works.


Step 1
Manage rent payments from your branded payments dashboard.


Step 2
Residents can make one time or reoccurring rent payments.


Step 3
Rent payments are reflected on your accounting ledger immediately.

Collect rent payments online.

Residents can log in and make a one time rent payment or setup recurring payments via credit card or echeck (ACH). And thanks to straight through processing, payment updates are immediately made to your accounting ledger.

Next day deposits directly to your bank account.

Rent Payment Screenshot

How can you get the most from Rent Payments?

Rent Payments + Maintenance Requests

Achieve a new level of efficiency in the leasing office. Renters in need of service can use Resident Passport to file maintenance requests and track their progress online.

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Rent Payments + Online Renewals

Your best renters are the ones you already have. Reduce turnover with convenient online renewals, which your renters can view and accept at their convenience.

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Rent Payments Summary

  • Next day processing of credit and e-check (ACH) payments.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your back-office accounting software.
  • Direct deposit of funds into your bank account.
  • Responsive design delivers a streamlined experience to every device.
  • Cashless leasing office means greater security for you and your residents.
  • No nickel-and-diming. Low, easy to understand pricing.