Lead Management

Turn leads into leases.

How can you optimize lead response and increase conversion?

Lead Management connects you with your prospects and lead sources so you can close more leads in less time.

Fewer than one in five apartment managers are using technology effectively to respond to inbound leads. Stand out with On-Site's advanced Lead Management solution and log every email, phone call, website contact and walk-in as an online guest card. Lead Management tracks every lead across every marketing channel so you know exactly where your leads are coming from. Throw in follow up tools that combine the best in automated drip marketing and personalized lead response and you'll never miss out on a lead ever again.

Lead Management makes 1:1 marketing a reality for even the busiest leasing office.

How it works.


Step 1 
Measure ROI by assigning tracking numbers and emails to each lead source.

Step 2 
Prospects submit guest cards and in many cases the lead source and contact info will be captured automatically.

Step 3
Each new guest card is checked against existing guest cards for duplicates, preserving the integrity of your data.

Step 4
Follow up reminds leasing agents to reach out and lead scoring tells them whom to reach out to first.

Assign tracking numbers and emails.

Lead tracking takes the guesswork out of lead attribution.

Thanks to lead tracking, whenever a prospect calls, you can reliably know where they started their journey. Assign specific contact information to each lead source, like billboards and ILS's, and when a prospect visits your website from one of the lead sources, the contact information on your website dynamically changes to match.

Automatic lead attribution means better reporting and one less field for prospects to fill out.

Dynamic Lead Tracking

Capture leads.

Guest cards streamline the data collection process.


Lead Management automatically captures every incoming call and email as a guest card. When possible, Lead Management even fills in the name, lead source, phone number and email address fields for you. To ensure the quality of your leads, every new guest card is checked against existing guest cards. If Lead Management finds a match you can combine the guest cards, preserving the best data from each.

Easy, accurate lead collection and response.

Follow up.

Lead scoring let you know who to reach out to and when.

Guest Cards

Leads become a daily to-do list.

All of your leads appear on your guest card dashboard. From here you can get an at-a-glance overview of every lead you need to act on, sorted by follow-up date. Lead scoring tells you which leads to act on first by predicting those most likely to become leases.

Follow Up Sticky Note

Every lead has a due date.

How quickly should leasing agents respond to a lead? Should they respond with an email, text message or call? With Lead Management, you define the best practices and set service level goals for communicating with guests. Reporting tools allow you to measure performance and ensure no lead ever slips through the cracks.

How can you get the most from Lead Management?

Lead Management + AdBlast™

AdBlast broadcasts your community info across the Web and Lead Management tracking tools shows you which marketing sources are most effective.

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Lead Management + Websites

Collect and record guest cards automatically using the contact form on your website. Lead tracking can even tell you how the lead clicked through to your website.

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Lead Management + Online Apps

With a single click your guest card becomes an application and all of the prospect’s info goes along with it so you don’t have to re-enter data from one form to the next.

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Lead Management Summary

  • Customizable lead scoring shows you which leads to act on first.
  • ID card scanning captures data with a driver license or other ID.
  • On-screen call notifications with caller ID for incoming calls.
  • Email validation lets you know before you send if a lead can be contacted.
  • Drip marketing hybrid combines automated and personalized response.
  • Agent assignments take the guesswork out of commissions.
  • Prequalify leads with custom guest card questions.
  • Tour availability lets prospects schedule appointments in real-time based on your office calendar.
  • Availability alerts notify prospects when a preferred unit goes on the market.
  • Local/toll free tracking numbers dedicated to each lead source.
  • Visibility tools follow every lead from contact to conversion.