It's the lease we can do.

Tired of filling out lease documents by hand?

Documents does the heavy lifting, crafting perfect lease documents, automatically.

Put On-Site's patented lease automation technology to work for you. Documents pre-fills every form for you, eliminating typos, calculating prorates and controlling concessions automatically. Best of all, your documents are accessible from anywhere via secure online archiving and the convenience to both residents and leasing staff is unparalleled.

Pre-fill every form, eliminate typos, calculate prorates and control concessions.

How it works.

Step 1
On-Site’s document design experts format your existing lease into an online format.
Step 2
Patented automation technology imports lease info from the online application.
Step 3
Staff, applicants and guarantors complete documents at their convenience with E-Sign.

Move your lease online.

Documents works with your existing lease or one of ours.

On-Site's team of document design specialists have been moving leases online since 2001 using patented lease automation technology. We can format your existing lease or you can use official leases from Blue Moon, Tenant Technologies, REBNY, NAA, TAA and other apartment associations.


Generate pre-filled lease documents.

Patented automation technology syncs applicant info from one form to the next.

With On-Site’s patented lease automation technology, the data you collect through your online application exports seamlessly to your digital lease documents so you and your applicants don’t have to re-enter data from one form to the next.


Stay up to date, automatically.

Certified Docs™  update automatically when legal changes are made in your area.

Choose Certified Docs™ and our team of legal experts is at your disposal, monitoring legal changes in your area and updating your lease automatically. You'll never have to worry about outdated forms ever again.

How can you get the most from your Documents?

Documents + Screening

By eliminating the disconnect between screening & lease generation, leases can only be created for qualified applicants that meet your rental criteria.

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Documents + E-Sign

Lease signings aren't confined to the office anymore. Generate E-Sign ready documents your staff, applicants and guarantors can complete online at their own convenience.

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Documents for Student Housing
Did you know you can generate E-Sign ready lease documents as part of the application process so students can apply, qualify and e-sign the lease in one session?

On-Site for Students

Documents Summary

  • Fully automated. Fill in every form and eliminate typos with ease.
  • Made for Mobile. Documents can be viewed and signed from any mobile device.
  • Save time and eliminate redundant data entry.
  • Centralized control of all leases & addenda.
  • Rapid updates with legal or policy changes.
  • Built-in prorates mean perfect calculations every time.