News from On-Site: posting app update

Craigslist is always striving to make it harder for spammers to post ads, which certainly seems like a good thing but there’s an undesired side effect—it’s becoming increasingly difficult for users like you to post legitimate ads.

You might ask “Why is Craigslist doing this to me?” The answer is that Craigslist has nothing against you personally. When you post an ad, Craigslist automatically scans the ad for content that could be perceived as spam and if they find something they don’t like your ad gets blocked or worse—ghosted.

Prior to posting your ad we run our new ad optimizer that checks your ad for any formatting issues that might set off a red flag at Craigslist. You’ll see this in the form of a progress bar that appears on screen to show you that the optimizer is working. If you’re feeling lucky, you can click Proceed Without Optimizing to skip the process but we definitely don’t recommend it—a few seconds here could save your ad from being blocked and save you hours of grief. View the release notes >>