Property managers who have not registered their business with officials in Elmira, New York, will no longer be able to collect rent.

On Monday, city officials approved an ordinance prohibiting those landlords from collecting rent, providing extra heft to a year-old law requiring property managers to register their property with the city. Under the terms of the previous ordinance, the city would be able to shut down properties that had not registered. The latest measure simply provides another avenue for lawmakers looking to crack down on unregistered properties. WENY-TV reports that 94 percent of city properties have complied with the registration rule, and only 32 properties have had to be shut down.

"By now prohibiting the collection of rents if they fail to comply with the registration ordinance, that's just another aspect allowing us to create better enforcement," Kimberlee Balok-Middaugh, the Elmira deputy city manager, told the network.

The new measure would also provide a quicker resolution to the matter than shutting down a property, which can take months, reported WETM-TV.

Landlords in the city told Mayor John Tonello they were happy with any measure that would clamp down on negligent property managers and reward those who comply with the law. "In neighborhoods where we have shut down properties, responsible landlords tell us this is exactly what we want you to do," Tonello told WETM-TV last month.