New technology is being used in some apartments throughout the country that improves safety for tenants and reduces costs for rental property management firms, Multi-Housing News reports.

A few security technology companies have sold new systems to multifamily properties nationwide this year, MHN states. The technology is meant to enhance safety at apartments by requiring tenants to provide retina and fingerprint scans, among other measures, to gain entry in their properties.

The source reports one company, FST21 America, has developed technology that the business' chief executive officer, Avi Lupo, states "can talk, listen, understand the content and take an action – to open doors, to automatically call the residents, to connect to the remote monitoring system. It can do almost everything a human guard can do."

Through systems such as this, MHN states many apartment companies may soon solely rely on these security measures instead of hiring security staff for their properties.

Lupo added that key cards are slowly replacing keys at many rental properties across the U.S. A New York Times report states smartphone applications are being utilized by some apartment renters as keys. The paper states some of these apps allows users to unlock their units' doors from miles away.